Posted by: Kressalyne | May 12, 2009

Rhyanna’s Publishing Attempts

Hi All,
well it has been a while since i updated this website so i thought, go ahead today and do it.

I am still trying to find a publisher, literary agent for both children’s stories, (3-18), as well as the romance novels.
I have five completed romance novels, about 4 completed children’s stories, including one where it’s mainly the grandparents and grandkids.
The romance novels that i have completed, i feel are ready to be published but so far, two of them turned down by Avon Publisers, Harlequinn-Silhouette Nocturne, Kensington Publishing, Dorchester Publishing.
I am still waiting to hear on a different romance query letter that i sent to Avon Publishing and HQN.
It has been over two weeks, i will give it another week, before trying to send to a different pubisher.
I am unable to send them out in the mail, due to lack of funds to mail anything.
A sign of the times i guess.
The same goes for the children novels, no money to mail out, low on stamps. I haven’t really sent query’s on many of them since December 2008, (that’s when the money stopped coming in.).
The other novel, has a bit of romance, a lot about wanting to adopt, become a foster mom, etc. while approved for Publish in America and a couple of other self-publishing companies, i decided that i want traditional publication, not have to pay anything up front. I may try to forward it to an e-book publisher and pray to generate sales.
I do keep entering the children’s writing contests at and i am happy to say that since June 2008, each month a story i have written appears on their website. (That is the prize, publication on their website and later in an e-book anthology.)
Well that is all for now, Keep writing.




  1. Why don’t you email your query letters and manuscripts? That would certainly save on postage, paper and printer ink, and most publishers/agents prefer that these days.

    Do you belong to an on-line crit group? I recommend I get great feedback from that, plus it’s free.

    Good luck–and keep writing!

  2. Hi Cindy.
    I carefully check the submission guidelines of all the publishers, literary agents that I contact. Many prefer to receive the manuscript through the snail mail, which costs money which I don’t have right now.
    I use and to do my search for both publisher accepting unpublished-new authors, as well as Literay Agent.
    I also plan to keep on writing, both children’s stories and Romance Novels.
    Now to find a publisher willing to publish good positive stories about Sirens and Banshees.
    You have a nice website. Good luck to you.

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