Posted by: Kressalyne | May 12, 2009

Contests, denials oh golly gee—keep writing says me.

Hello All, while I sit here trying to work on novels, I have learned that my landlord raised rent another $100 so its time to try to find a new place to live, yet I am finding it hard as not many will accept HUD, let alone allow pets, even though my two dogs are service animals and I do have dr letters for them. Well yes I can try to force the issue, but then they would deny me for another reason. (I don’t think they have to give a reason to deny your application) Not to mention the fees that are being charged now adays.

Anyway, on the other hand in my Publishing Attempts, My short story The Dragons of Myrrh did not win the L.Ron Hubbard writing contest which ended November 30. I don’t have the funds to submit a story by the December 31st deadline.
Also, Avon Book Publishers declined to publish either The Witch of His Dreams and A Siren’s Fire. Sigh, at least now I have someone reviewing The Witch of His Dreams for me. She tells me it needed work because i kept changing text, past, present, etc.

“UPDATE 5-11-2009” The person reviewing the manuscript “The Witch of His Dreams” Hasn’t returned it yet. Sigh. I am going to email her one more time.

I am still working on other stories, setting aside the Siren’s series for now…which is what writers do when there is a block on one story, is work on another right? hahahhaa…

On the plus side however, I have heard from the editors of that another story submitted has been published to their website and they liked it.  It is gratifying to see my short stories published on their website. However, it would be even better if they are all published in print/book format by a publisher so that it will get me noticed and get me a writing contract.

It was submitted in their Sept contest, Contest #200809: “On the way to grandma’s house…” is the first line. Just scroll down until you see Gracie’s REvenge and then down to The Covered Bridge to Grandma’s…

Well I hope everyone Stays warm. AS its Sunny but COLD here in Corvallis, Oregon
Rhyanna S DeTuathana


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