Posted by: Kressalyne | May 21, 2010

Ipads, Ebook Readers, etc

As I watch the e-reader wars, yes they will be turning into wars, each giant technological company will want a slice or the whole bit of e-reading technology.  I also think its just a manner of “When” not “IF” the large publishing houses all start publishing in ebook format. I just pray that they also keep the regular books. I think a writer’s dream is to have their work in hardback copy and then into a movie…hehehe… although getting it published in paperback is great too. I say do all three, Hardback (to keep), Paperback (Share) and then ebook when its not possible to have several regular books, like Colleges-Schools (save on textbook costs yeah!, although still should be able to sell back the ebook version), or if you’re in a church, airplane, train, ship….etc.

Now I have to admit I am curious to see when someone will come up with Halo books…you know books that have pictures and tells the story like a movie except in a halodeck form, before creating rooms where a reader can become part of the novel, portray a character in the novel, like in the Star Trek Next Generation series where they halodeck stories as a form of relaxation.

Funny thing about Halo imaging, if I recall, although I am sure I will be corrected, wasn’t the first Star Trek series to have ‘devices’ that people read articles, books etc from? Way before halodecks. Then when Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, they improved on the “Halodecks”.

Anyway, I believe last year or so, someone demonstrated the ability to create a halo image, although not yet mainstream, I wonder who will be out on top with that technology, and then onto having novels come alive as a halo image, like a movie. If so, then what will that do to the movie industry or will that be shot down, shoved in the ground. Time will tell.

So what is your take on all the emerging ebook readers, halo readers-movies, artificial intelligence which was in the news recently that was created using cells.
Then the other question is what will become of Literary Agents, Publishers, editors and so forth.
My personal take is that I pray that ‘paper’ books will still be around as there’s nothing like grabbing a good book, turning down pages, although some people write in the margins, circle some words and lets not forget those that like to crow when they find errors in a book.



  1. I think mostly the literary agents, publishers and editors will still be there, just producing content for devices as well as paper based forms. I think new technology simply provides new opportunities.

    • HI Cassandra
      While I agree that is true, there is always the possibility that just like WoolWorth’s going defunct, where I use to buy those romance novels for a quarter..yeah long time ago, I feel that so too will publishers will either merge, change what they publish, push the small publishers who can’t compete under, or worse go out of business. There is also how this will effect an unknown writer who is diligantly trying to get published.

      Blessings and thanks for posting.


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