Posted by: Kressalyne | May 21, 2010

Grammar, how do you check?

Grammar what resource do you use to make sure everything is flowing, correct? There are grammar books, english teachers/professors, tutors, and I think online grammar besides those options that come with a word processing program.

I have to mention this, as I had responded on Twitter to Janet Reid who had asked about a grammar edit—nobody or no one, which is better, standard. I had looked up in this up in a grammar handbook that I’ve had for years and replied to her that no one looks to be the standard. Its called the Harbrace College handbook. Yet this handbook was last published in 1977, first published in 1941, so its quite possible that “Proper Grammar” may have changed. So the question is, as you write and something doesn’t sound right and you search to make it right, what grammar resource do you use?
Of course the word processing programs have grammar check and style check, however, are they always 100% correct. No I don’t think so, as I recall a paper I had written for a class, whereas I had just used the grammar check from Word, was corrected in several places. He used a red pencil, or pen…the dreaded red…why not use light green, light blue at least by not using a “RED” ink, it maybe easier to swallow. Oh and let’s not forget that in some word processing programs, there is that highlight feature.
I am glad that I had sent my work in progress to a cousin who told me to remove the highlighted yellow…oooopppps as well as not to Rely on word processing programs for grammar and style checks, yet I still find myself doing that….So does that mean I need to head back to school and take a Grammar Class. Or just consult another resource, like this Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers book that a writing professor required for her class at the university.


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