About ME!

I figure that since I have been divorced for over thirteen years that I now have the “RIGHT” to declare myself single. So a bit about me.

I am single, 49, seeking a new career as a published author. When not writing I am busy playing, taking care of my two dogs, Cody and Emmie. They are American Eskimo Purebred dogs. Emmie is a senior and still snipes at Cody who is about 4 if he gets too close to her food dish. Not to mention that while he may sneak chew toys from her, she isn’t above going after him and stealing them back. Just like siblings.

When I have a block, or just completed a manuscript, I seem to want to do something else for a day or so. Hence my quilting for families of fallen heroes, or crochet doll dresses, cook/bake etc.

I have written several children’s stories as well as several romance novels, and family-general fiction. I have had 4 rejection letters for 4 of the manuscripts I sent out. After researching the issue, I decided against self-publishing because I “found out” that if my books sell a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a bigger publish will want to do the sequels, or other books of mine. Hence the continued struggle to find a literary agent to represent me, as well as a publisher. I have entered into a writing contest at textnovel dot com who is in partnership with Dorchester Pub. The name there is Daeanarah. Please vote for me. And if you like My stories posted,  please feel free to leave a comment.

I would love to have a couple of my stories published by Harlequin-Silhouette. Since the 1970s I have read those books and a couple of cousins and aunts would love to see me become a “Harlequin Romance Novelist.”

If you want to see the quilts I have made, you can see them at http://lion-sheart.tripod.com

thank you for visiting.

Have a great day.


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