Posted by: Kressalyne | May 12, 2009

Kressalyne’s First Blog moment on Word Press.

Well please excuse the emptiness of this blog, webpage. As a still unpublished author, I have been busy writing several manuscripts. (I have at least 6 Romance Novels completed, alas 4 have been rejected so far, due to the fact they concern Siren’s, Banshees, Time Travel and so far.

I have quite a few children’s stories, from short shorts (200 words) or more, these are stories from the heart, for the young and young at heart. Some of them I would love to have illustrations for….I have marketing ideas for all of them.

I do have a contemporary Romance Novel written (Or two done.) Most others are futuristic, fantasy/science fiction time traveling romance is in them and of course some lovemaking scenes. Not grossly written, but I feel tastefully written, with some comments men and/or women may make during the lovemaking.

I will of course update things as I complete more manuscripts and recieve rejection letters. I do know that I have NOT been able to send any out by snail mail since December, due to lack of money. Although HUD is helping with the rent, landlord still raised it $100 so now I have to come up with money to pay my share, not to mention electric bills, etc.

It’s funny I have to admit, that as I finish one manuscript, I seem to want to not write for a day or two and do something else, such as dishes, sweep carpets with dog hair. (I have two American Eskimo purebreds who are currently shedding). I also crochet, or lately sew-quilt as there really isn’t room for me to set up my knitting machine currently.  If you would like to see pictures of my dogs, and quilts that I have made for families of fallen soldiers, take a look here at


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