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Hamburger Surprise Recipe

this is a great simple recipe and you’ll love the surprise.

Hamburber Surprise Recipe

Drop me a line and let me know if you’ve tried it. I’ll add a few more

favorite recipes.  Do you have a favorite recipe?

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Writing tips-what do you do besides write?

I just recently read a great article that was sent to me through Query tracker blog. It was ‘to be a great writer’. It covered things to do besides writing, take up another hobby, get some exercise, even doing housewok can get the words flowing when your done, besides a satisfaction over the other things you’ve done so as not to feel guilty when you do sit down.

Here is the quote from Query Tracker Publishing Pulse E-zine that I get.   Writing:
Literary agent Rachelle Gardner spills some secrets for becoming a better writer.

The Editorial Ass lays out why the first page of your MS is so dang important.

One thing I’d like to add is don’t neglect your pets. Afterall they are a part of your family

Ok I have Exciting news to Shout, Chat About.

There will be an online Writer’s Conference. More Importantly, its FREE Online Writer’s Conference.
This is for Kidlit writers, picture books, middle age and more. Check out the website
The Online Writer’s Conference will be Held July 1, 2010.

If you’re a publisher, editor or literary agent, take a look and if you’d like to participate, email
them at

This is a wonderful opportunity to attend a writer’s conference. I will have to warn you that it is on during the week and not on the weekend, which of course is the 4th of July weekend.

“Wishful thinking here .hehehe.*** I would truly love it if they can do one in August, maybe a short one on the weekends, or have classes during the weekdays, which leads up to the actual conference on a Saturday.
***Maybe this will give other categories of writing an idea to hold online writer’s conferences, Like Romance writing, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Paranormal, etc. I do have to say that this is going to be fun, and I know eharlequin holds Pitch Contests for their various imprints, series. but I doubt they would be able to hold up to 10,000 people.

As Abby on NCIS says—THIS IS SO COOL!

One thing everyone should be aware of, I believe there will be a protocol of sorts,  where everyone can’t chat all at once. They’ve made the room to allow up to 10,000 people. So some kind of order will be in effect. According to the website, FAQ’s There will be transcripts made available when its over.
If you’ve ever visited rooms like when on AOL, or Yahoo, or even message boards, some of them are moderated, have hosts to make sure the room runs smoothly. That is what I believe will happen here. Like on message boards, they are moderated. Do expect the room to be busy and if you can’t get in right away, keep trying. 🙂
If you have experience hosting a room, maybe contact the group and offer your services. This is all free.

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Writing, housework, making it real

Now as a person who was taught to sew first and then quilt later, I have to admit that I do prefer sewing the pieces of fabric together by sewing machine and serger, and then do the hand-sewing, sewing around characters, instead of just lines, or tying once the fabric is turned upside right.
I also like to embroider names, dates, designs on the quilts to make them more personal, especially in the hero quilts that I make, which i also use photos of the person and/or event.
I have a brother SE270D Sewing Embroidery Machine.
At first I was excited to get it, especially since it comes with some Disney designs pre-programmed into it, and no there isn’t a way to get them off the machine.
However, when I realized that I can only embroider an area 4×4 with included hoops, or need to purchase the SA434K hoops (Which is about another $40), up to 4×6 that becomes frustrating, because it means repositioning the hoop and trying to match up the lettering, design, yuck.

Now to tie writing into this, I have include a frustrating event in a story that I am working on. On a story that I had submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, it made it to round two, one of the reviewers loved it that it mentions a knitting machine, and a fight with nextdoor neighbor over the MFC dogs, which she praised as it being really real, it was…my neighbor hates dogs, esp mine who now bark at her whenever they see or hear her opening her door.
I won’t give my new story idea away though. I have decided to include the washing machine that refuses to stand still, and the tv that shuts-off while you’re watching a fav show and a rice cooker that shoots rice at you, but leaves the males alone, and a toaster that seems to hum along….. (not to mention a ghost interrupting while making love, just cause it can.)
So a question I’d like to pose is, does including machines, objects of your life into a story enhance it, or is it not worth the effort (where you could careless about an iron that shoots steam when it wants too, or sets off the smoke detector), yet it could be that piece of equipment can lend that small piece to keep the story going. you know the guy that throws all clothes in washer instead of sorting them, wife or girlfriend’s shirt turns out like tiedye and he has to fix it, hide that piece of clothing, only to learn that its a ‘favorite’. And a trip down to the laundromat turns into an embarassment as a pair of female undies fall from the basket at the feet of a gorgeous, hunk of a male with penetrating eyes, that crinkle into amusement as he bends down, picks up the undies and hands them too her. oooo la la…

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Grammar, how do you check?

Grammar what resource do you use to make sure everything is flowing, correct? There are grammar books, english teachers/professors, tutors, and I think online grammar besides those options that come with a word processing program.

I have to mention this, as I had responded on Twitter to Janet Reid who had asked about a grammar edit—nobody or no one, which is better, standard. I had looked up in this up in a grammar handbook that I’ve had for years and replied to her that no one looks to be the standard. Its called the Harbrace College handbook. Yet this handbook was last published in 1977, first published in 1941, so its quite possible that “Proper Grammar” may have changed. So the question is, as you write and something doesn’t sound right and you search to make it right, what grammar resource do you use?
Of course the word processing programs have grammar check and style check, however, are they always 100% correct. No I don’t think so, as I recall a paper I had written for a class, whereas I had just used the grammar check from Word, was corrected in several places. He used a red pencil, or pen…the dreaded red…why not use light green, light blue at least by not using a “RED” ink, it maybe easier to swallow. Oh and let’s not forget that in some word processing programs, there is that highlight feature.
I am glad that I had sent my work in progress to a cousin who told me to remove the highlighted yellow…oooopppps as well as not to Rely on word processing programs for grammar and style checks, yet I still find myself doing that….So does that mean I need to head back to school and take a Grammar Class. Or just consult another resource, like this Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers book that a writing professor required for her class at the university.

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Ipads, Ebook Readers, etc

As I watch the e-reader wars, yes they will be turning into wars, each giant technological company will want a slice or the whole bit of e-reading technology.  I also think its just a manner of “When” not “IF” the large publishing houses all start publishing in ebook format. I just pray that they also keep the regular books. I think a writer’s dream is to have their work in hardback copy and then into a movie…hehehe… although getting it published in paperback is great too. I say do all three, Hardback (to keep), Paperback (Share) and then ebook when its not possible to have several regular books, like Colleges-Schools (save on textbook costs yeah!, although still should be able to sell back the ebook version), or if you’re in a church, airplane, train, ship….etc.

Now I have to admit I am curious to see when someone will come up with Halo books…you know books that have pictures and tells the story like a movie except in a halodeck form, before creating rooms where a reader can become part of the novel, portray a character in the novel, like in the Star Trek Next Generation series where they halodeck stories as a form of relaxation.

Funny thing about Halo imaging, if I recall, although I am sure I will be corrected, wasn’t the first Star Trek series to have ‘devices’ that people read articles, books etc from? Way before halodecks. Then when Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, they improved on the “Halodecks”.

Anyway, I believe last year or so, someone demonstrated the ability to create a halo image, although not yet mainstream, I wonder who will be out on top with that technology, and then onto having novels come alive as a halo image, like a movie. If so, then what will that do to the movie industry or will that be shot down, shoved in the ground. Time will tell.

So what is your take on all the emerging ebook readers, halo readers-movies, artificial intelligence which was in the news recently that was created using cells.
Then the other question is what will become of Literary Agents, Publishers, editors and so forth.
My personal take is that I pray that ‘paper’ books will still be around as there’s nothing like grabbing a good book, turning down pages, although some people write in the margins, circle some words and lets not forget those that like to crow when they find errors in a book.

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New contest by Grab a Pen

check this out, its really something besides learning about the craft, there is also a contest to participate in with prizes and stuff.

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Writing Contests

When I hear of writing contests, especially those that are free, and if they are accepting items that I like to write about, then I try to prepare manuscript complete it and submit following the guideliness. There is one contest that ends this coming Monday, so if you get a chance, do a bit of flash writing, 500 words and enter the contest, free to signup, must follow on twitter and blog about her/contest once, the rules of the contest can be viewed at

Another contest, “Everybody Wins”,  that I’d like to mention is the one through Querytracker which is located at

If you haven’t signed up with Querytracker, I’d highly recommend it, literary agents, publishers can be found as well as great articles, tips on your writing. I get their newsletters each month. Now for the contest they mention, Here are the rules and the link:

To enter the contest:

  1. You must have a free QueryTracker membership
  2. You must submit a one-sentence pitch (helpful links below) and your first chapter
  3. Your submission will be accepted on the submission form (won’t be available until the contest opens) 

On another writing contest which ends at 11:59 pm tonight, Ms. Ortiz has a contest going on her blog. That link is:  Looks like fun. I found her through

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Amazon Breakthrough Novel award contest

Well my manuscript made it through the first round of eliminations but not the second round. Which is better this time around than last time. I also rec’d some great feedback which is a big plus in my opinion. So onwards and upward momentum.
I’ve also have a couple ebook-novellas that I am working on that I’d like to submit to the Harlequin-Silhouette line.
My new favorite signature line is this.
Fertile Imagination is a decided plus when creating other worlds that will involve a reader from beginning to end…Not a requirement, however, an added plus
Also…keep these two.
Share your love of reading, read to a child, or a person in the hospital or nursing home or adult foster care, pass it on.
Keep the Light of Hope Alive, Smile and Pass it on, for without hope where would we go, or do?

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Check out Sarah Wylie’s blog-contest

Sarah Wylie is having a contest on her blog. Check it out,

Also check out the submission guidelines for Fineprint Literary Agency.

(I am not affiliated with the Literary Agency. I am a follower of Colleen Lindsay—she makes me laugh at times)

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