Posted by: Kressalyne | December 21, 2010

Wendy’s New French Fries, Carl’s Jr Hamburgers, Mc D’s Drink Specials

Fast Food Restaurant Reviews.
I just had to post on this after watching a local TV station do ratings of restaurants in Portland area. Funny that no one seems to want to do Fast food restaurant reviews, or I guess admit that they will eat at fast food places.

Anyway, I tried out the new Wendy’s Natural French Fries with Sea Salt. I couldn’t tell the difference in the salt, but they sure did have a lot of salt on them. I think someone hasn’t gotten into the less salt is better.  However, while in drive-thru it took a while to place my order, get my order. I think they should consider adding a second window, one to pay at the other to pickup. Also, if a customer’s order isn’t ready, then have them pull to the side and Walk IT OUT to the customer!

Then I have to say I love McD’s any size soda-drink for $1.25. I also like Carl Jr’s Big Hamburger which is only $1.29. This hamburger is bigger than Mc D’s quarter pounder, and Wendy’s hamburger (Not to mention thicker than Wendy’s). I have to say kudos to Wendy’s for adding Vanilla Softies to their menu, besides fruits. I wish they’d bring back the Chicken Pita. I loved those, grilled chicken, with lettuce, tomatoes, topped with Feta Cheese. I’m not sure what kind of dressing they put on it, but oh they were good.

Yesterday I went to 3 fast food restaurants. Yeah I know, but I love Wendy’s French Fries, they are usually thicker/fatter than Mc D’s. Didn’t care for the french fries at Carl Jr’s. It could just be my taste buds which have change with the medication I need to take. Or it could be just old age, things that used to taste good in our youth, don’t taste as great. What’s your opinion on this? Any way, Carl’s Jr have their Western Bacon Hamburgers 2/$5 back. Please Take advantage, as they are good.

Don’t forget that on Tuesdays Mc D’s has their Quarter Pounders for $2 and Thursdays $2 Big Macs.  Dominos still has their 2 medium 2 topping pizzas for $5.99. ALthough I have to say the pizzas tastes great while hot, but when try to heat up and eat the next day, blech.


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