Posted by: Kressalyne | December 21, 2010

Latest Writings

Although I haven’t written anything new, posted in this blog, I do have to say that I have written down some ideas, I have been working on the old college papers. Yep taking classes. Next Term is in less-than a week.

I still have problems typing, thanks to muscle spasms. But I am determined for after all I am a Writer.

I have been going over and over 3 manuscripts one of which I plan to submit soon. I have to agree with the advice that was once given, and forgot which agent/publisher/instructor had given it years ago. Its an excellent idea to set aside that manuscript for a week or so, then work on something new. Then a week later (So that’s two weeks), go back over the other manuscript and see if you can see/hear any errors. So Therefore, go over  your work after its been set aside for a couple of weeks is an excellent idea, for then you have a fresh idea and can see (I hope) any errors or words that just doesn’t sound right.

Another good idea is signup for Query Tracker newsletter. signup for your favorite literary agent/publisher blog for tips on perfecting your manuscript, submission rules, etc.


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