Posted by: Kressalyne | July 31, 2010

what makes a book readable and memorable?

Who is your favorite author?

Would you read new writers, first time writers? WHy or why not?

Does price play a part in your choice of book to read?

Are you interested in: ParanormalРSci-fiРRomanceРMystery  

What about the above draws your interest?

What made the book call to you, want to pick it up? w

hat about the book held your interest?

What about the book made you put it down, lose interest?

 Would you read other books by the same author?

would you recommend the book to family, friends?

If you could write a similar book, what traits, (no plagerizing), could you see that would appeal to yo to write that type of book?

Example: you read a Mystery-perhaps by Agatha Christie Or Sci-fi like David Eddings.

One thing I enjoy is Paranormal with added romance, sometimes time-travel, historic, mystery added. One author that I like a lot is Johanna Lindsay, especailly her Warrior Woman novel. I also liked Beatrice Small a lot of her historical novels pigued my interest. Then of course there are some books by Dara Joy that I like, as well as Nora Roberts.


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