Posted by: Kressalyne | June 25, 2010

Exciting News—Online Writer’s Conference and ITS FREE!!!!!

Ok I have Exciting news to Shout, Chat About.

There will be an online Writer’s Conference. More Importantly, its FREE Online Writer’s Conference.
This is for Kidlit writers, picture books, middle age and more. Check out the website
The Online Writer’s Conference will be Held July 1, 2010.

If you’re a publisher, editor or literary agent, take a look and if you’d like to participate, email
them at

This is a wonderful opportunity to attend a writer’s conference. I will have to warn you that it is on during the week and not on the weekend, which of course is the 4th of July weekend.

“Wishful thinking here .hehehe.*** I would truly love it if they can do one in August, maybe a short one on the weekends, or have classes during the weekdays, which leads up to the actual conference on a Saturday.
***Maybe this will give other categories of writing an idea to hold online writer’s conferences, Like Romance writing, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Paranormal, etc. I do have to say that this is going to be fun, and I know eharlequin holds Pitch Contests for their various imprints, series. but I doubt they would be able to hold up to 10,000 people.

As Abby on NCIS says—THIS IS SO COOL!

One thing everyone should be aware of, I believe there will be a protocol of sorts,  where everyone can’t chat all at once. They’ve made the room to allow up to 10,000 people. So some kind of order will be in effect. According to the website, FAQ’s There will be transcripts made available when its over.
If you’ve ever visited rooms like when on AOL, or Yahoo, or even message boards, some of them are moderated, have hosts to make sure the room runs smoothly. That is what I believe will happen here. Like on message boards, they are moderated. Do expect the room to be busy and if you can’t get in right away, keep trying. 🙂
If you have experience hosting a room, maybe contact the group and offer your services. This is all free.


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