Posted by: Kressalyne | May 27, 2010

Writing, housework, making it real

Now as a person who was taught to sew first and then quilt later, I have to admit that I do prefer sewing the pieces of fabric together by sewing machine and serger, and then do the hand-sewing, sewing around characters, instead of just lines, or tying once the fabric is turned upside right.
I also like to embroider names, dates, designs on the quilts to make them more personal, especially in the hero quilts that I make, which i also use photos of the person and/or event.
I have a brother SE270D Sewing Embroidery Machine.
At first I was excited to get it, especially since it comes with some Disney designs pre-programmed into it, and no there isn’t a way to get them off the machine.
However, when I realized that I can only embroider an area 4×4 with included hoops, or need to purchase the SA434K hoops (Which is about another $40), up to 4×6 that becomes frustrating, because it means repositioning the hoop and trying to match up the lettering, design, yuck.

Now to tie writing into this, I have include a frustrating event in a story that I am working on. On a story that I had submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, it made it to round two, one of the reviewers loved it that it mentions a knitting machine, and a fight with nextdoor neighbor over the MFC dogs, which she praised as it being really real, it was…my neighbor hates dogs, esp mine who now bark at her whenever they see or hear her opening her door.
I won’t give my new story idea away though. I have decided to include the washing machine that refuses to stand still, and the tv that shuts-off while you’re watching a fav show and a rice cooker that shoots rice at you, but leaves the males alone, and a toaster that seems to hum along….. (not to mention a ghost interrupting while making love, just cause it can.)
So a question I’d like to pose is, does including machines, objects of your life into a story enhance it, or is it not worth the effort (where you could careless about an iron that shoots steam when it wants too, or sets off the smoke detector), yet it could be that piece of equipment can lend that small piece to keep the story going. you know the guy that throws all clothes in washer instead of sorting them, wife or girlfriend’s shirt turns out like tiedye and he has to fix it, hide that piece of clothing, only to learn that its a ‘favorite’. And a trip down to the laundromat turns into an embarassment as a pair of female undies fall from the basket at the feet of a gorgeous, hunk of a male with penetrating eyes, that crinkle into amusement as he bends down, picks up the undies and hands them too her. oooo la la…


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