Posted by: Kressalyne | May 21, 2010

Writing Contests

When I hear of writing contests, especially those that are free, and if they are accepting items that I like to write about, then I try to prepare manuscript complete it and submit following the guideliness. There is one contest that ends this coming Monday, so if you get a chance, do a bit of flash writing, 500 words and enter the contest, free to signup, must follow on twitter and blog about her/contest once, the rules of the contest can be viewed at

Another contest, “Everybody Wins”,  that I’d like to mention is the one through Querytracker which is located at

If you haven’t signed up with Querytracker, I’d highly recommend it, literary agents, publishers can be found as well as great articles, tips on your writing. I get their newsletters each month. Now for the contest they mention, Here are the rules and the link:

To enter the contest:

  1. You must have a free QueryTracker membership
  2. You must submit a one-sentence pitch (helpful links below) and your first chapter
  3. Your submission will be accepted on the submission form (won’t be available until the contest opens) 

On another writing contest which ends at 11:59 pm tonight, Ms. Ortiz has a contest going on her blog. That link is:  Looks like fun. I found her through

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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