Posted by: Kressalyne | January 16, 2010

Some days the Distractions surmount attempts at writing.

There are somedays, when all you want to do is write, leaving the dirty dishes to pile in the sink, the dirty laundry cries out to be washed each time you pass the hamper, and yes Dogs want to be played with… Distractions

Sometimes its good to allow yourself to be distracted. Because it gives you a break and you can go back with a fresh look, or new ideas to finish your work. So the point of this blog is how to manage everything, I truly admire those that work long hours, have clean homes and kids, and can still write over a thousand words or so a day…I’ve entered a sort of Jan Nanowrimo…keeping track of how many words I type or hand write a day, this past week and a half, I’ve forgotten to do that…baddd…girl. I can’t blame it on being lazy, just forgetfulness. I simply forgot. Still though, Its hard to keep track of how many words you type when you’re playing editor and editing your manuscript. One thought is to take note of the work count before you start editing, then when done editing for the day take another word count and figure out the difference. I do wish there was a little program, that would tell you how much you’ve typed while editing a manuscript, it’d make things easier…well wishful thinking…lol

WEll my dog Emmie is barking at me…I need to go see what she wants, because despite my yelling at her to come upstairs, she isn’t…instead I think she sent Cody…however, he’s busy chewing on a soup bone…these are American Eskimo Purebred dogs. Emmie is the eldest, she’ll be 11 this year. Both are rescue dogs and now are service dogs as they help me to deal with some health issues besides Fibromyalgia, I have asthma, anxiety disorder. I tend to hide inside, not wanting to go out…with them they help me. I also have hypoglycemia….when the blood sugar goes too low, they help me to wake up.  Right now, I’m worried about coming up with the funds to get them their vaccinations, which are not cheap. No I don’t work, haven’t since…well really no full time since 2004…oh I had part time jobs here and there, but I’ve noticed that as I age, the jobs become scarcier and scarcier…Now with chronic tennis elbow, it makes typing difficult as well as painful, not to mention painful if I sit, stand or even lay down too long. I’ve also had a few ‘breast cancer’ scares, thankfully they are benign and I pray they stay that way.

Well enough whining from me, not really whining, just explaining. Seems lately people don’t understand the difference when someone is trying to explain, clarify things.

Have a great day.




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