Posted by: Kressalyne | August 26, 2009

Interview with a Librarian

I Recently asked my local librarian several questions about getting a published work into the local library.
Here are her responses.

Hi I was wondering If I can ask a few questions? IF a writer wanted the Library to feature their book, carry their book, what are the steps they need to do?

If a writer who lives locally publishes and binds a book, we will usually buy one copy for our collection (or, accept it as a gift). We catalog it, so then of course it is included in our catalog and it is available for people to check out.

Does a book that a local person has written have to be listed in library database, or can they ask for the Library to Review the book and place it on shelves for others to read?
If a person has a book placed with the library, can the writer announce on their website, that their local library now has a copy?

We don’t review new books or display them. But you can say on your website where the book is.

As a writer who is hoping to get published, I know these questions are important especially if I need to self-publish a few books before getting a literary agent and/or major publisher to offer a publishing contract.

Can you give some tips on what will be the best way to approach a Library to carry their-display the book?
Would the library be willing to hold a reading/critique group of the book, where those have read the book can do a review and give it to the writer?
Are there any other questions that I haven’t thought of, that you think should be asked?


To answer your more general question about how to reach libraries:
In the case of authors who are not local, librarians rely on professional reviews before purchasing any books.
Some authors do mass mailings of a flyer to libraries, but I don’t know how well that would work. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to market your book to libraries.
Hope this helps,
– Shannon
Corvallis Reference desk

Thanks for your assistance, this does help explain a lot.

So folks, donating a copy of book to the Library, meeting, talking to the Librarians can help.


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